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Blackie’s Best Gourmet Pepper Sauce isn’t your average chile sauce, with an abundance of flavor, complimented by just the right amount of heat, it proves to be the go to sauce to put on just about anything! 

Our Gourmet Pepper Sauce is made, bottled and distributed by Blackie’s Best Enterprises, Inc. in Miami, Florida and is coming soon to your neighborhood grocer. Special thanks to V & B Farm for the wonderful, locally grown chile peppers!



1.   Tastes great with everything you eat!

2.   Just the right amount of heat – not too hot!

3.   Perfect depth of flavors – not vinegary!

4.   Thick – not runny!  Your food will look great wearing it!

5.   Beautiful to the eyes – a bright red sauce made from only the tastiest, vine-ripened chile peppers!

6.   Chile peppers are cooked fresh – not rotted and fermented like other top-selling brands!

7.   All natural sauce – no preservatives!

8.   Releases your endorphins – makes you feel great!

9.   You can drop it – the PETE bottle is reusable and recyclable, and won’t break!

10.   Easy to use “twist open/close” top – you can’t lose it!